What we mean by layer upon layer?

Dressing layer-on-layer simply means that you are dressing in several layers. You usually have 3 layers, of which the different layers have different functions.

Why should you dress in wool layer upon layer instead of using one thick layer?

How it works

When you dress layer by layer, air is formed between the layers, which in return provides much better insulation than if you were to take only one layer.

At the same time as you get superb insulation, the wool's temperature-regulating properties will also help you to neither get too hot nor too cold.

Wool Layering System

Aclima has a clear system on how to dress in layers on its packaging, our Wool Layering System. It makes it easy to choose the right product - layer upon layer.

Wool Underwear

Wool is absolutely perfect against the skin. It retains heat, even if you get wet and it dries quickly.

Wool also has a bactericidal effect which means that odors and bacteria do not settle so easily in the clothes. It is especially nice when you are on a trip, with less opportunities to change clothes or wash clothes.

1st Wool Layer

On the inside of the skin on the outside of underwear, you should have something that warms well, is soft and fits snugly. Wool transports moisture away from the body, insulates well and regulates temperature.

Choose wool according to how active you want to be - if the intensity is high, you can choose thinner wool clothing than if the intensity is lower.

2nd Wool Layer

The middle layer should insulate and retain heat from the inner layer. Here you can also vary the thickness according to how cold it is and how active you should be.

If you are going to go in the mountains, we recommend to have an extra wool sweater lying in the backpack, that can be taken out if necessary.

3rd Wool Layer

The outer layer should protect against weather and wind. It should have an outer fabric that is durable and should retain the heat from the other layers inside.

Remember that there must also be air between the layers for the best possible effect.