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Aclima Since 1939

Aclima AS has been owned by Johansen family since 1939. During 3 generations we havebecome an important and competent Norwegian textile producer.

The experience and knowledge that we have obtained throughout the generations are invaluable in our continuing efforts to keep people warm and dry.

Our mission

We love nature

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We know the requirements that our particular climate offers and we do our utmost to meet them.

We try tomake the best possible underwear for all conditions and professions. This is also why we focus on the user; for small children in the kindergarden or flameresistant and insulation underwear for the Army.

Aclimas founder Eivind Johansen

Born in Kroderen, Norway in 1920. His mother died when he was only 2 years old, so he was looked after by relatives in a local farm. Brought up in a poor family, he had to quit school quite early and help out on the farm. By the age of 15 he moved to his sister in the nearest city, Drammen. Eivind had saved up some money to go to school to get a “trade-letter” which was necessary to start a business.

In 1939 coincidence gave him the opportunity to buy a punch press and a sewing machine with which he established the company at only 19 years old. Brought up on a farm, it was easy for him to get wool from his old connections and began making woolen insoles.

The 2nd World War came to Norway only a year after he started business, and with this came very hard times. After the war, Norway lacked almost everything and anyone with production equipment had an opportunity to build a new and better future. Without any education in textiles, Eivind bought his first knitting machine in 1945 and hired his first employees.

After some years he hired Elsa, who soon became his wife. Together they built a modern factory and established shops that served the local market with warm clothing. They got two children, Tone and Jan Eivind Johansen. Jan is now the owner of Aclima and still working in the company, he was able to get the textile education that his father missed.

The woolspecialist

Our vision

Our vision is to contribute in getting more people to enjoy the outdoors. We work every day to carry out our business idea:

Aclima will combine knowledge of the market, fibres, knitting and design to develop and sell functional clothing for usage by outdoor people.

Aclima specializes in sports underwear with merino wool in most of its products. Merino wool provides excellent comfort in most weather and temperature conditions and in all levels of activity. As you might know, wool has the unique ability to keep you warm, even when you are wet from sweat, rain or snow.

With Aclima products, we have created durable wool products that are very comfortable and have maximum breathability to transport moisture. Function has always been our first priority, but we are also concerned with how the clothing makes you feel and if you like the colours and design. We are grateful for any tips or input you may have.