Fit on our products

All our products are marked with a fit. The main rule is that wool underwear should sit next to the body, it is intended to have under a second - and sometimes third layer of cloth. This means that even the garments that have a looser fit work well under both intermediate layers and shell garments.

The products that are marked slim fit sit close to the body and are considered underwear.

Some of our products function as a 2nd layer, then they have a somewhat wider fit and are described as regular fit.

Products that are considered second and third layers with us usually have a relaxed fit . Such as jackets and shirts.

The garments with a loose-fitting fit are marked with a loose fit.

how to measure

1. Body height: Measured from the top of the head down to the floor.

2. Chest: Measured around the back and chest, under the arms, where you are at your widest.

3. Waist: Find your waistline by measuring the circumference around your abdomen and back, above hip height.

4. Hip: Measured where you are widest around the hips.

5. Arm length: The arm length is measured from shoulder to wrist.Inside leg:

6. Leg length is measured from the crotch to the floor.