Due to large prayer day/public holiday, we are closed on Friday 13/5 and will start sending goods out on 16/5


Aclima is premium functional wool wear designed to acclimatize outdoors enthusiasts even during the most extreme conditions. Our products are made of wool, and natural material, with careful consideration for both our customers and the environment. We are chosen by specialists for a reason: our products are superior in order to protect and acclimatize.

Being uncompromising is in our DNA. Whether it is through design, ethics, quality or functionality. We aspire to reflect this in the way we work. It is a mindset that has proven over generations. Going all the way back to 1939

A way to use «Uncompromising» is to contextualize what it means in the everyday life. What it can mean for the way we solve challenges or how we present Aclima. Use it as a guideline or even a benchmark to test yourself.

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