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Vibeke is a mountain climber, guide, adventurer, aid worker and officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces. She is one of a few Norwegians who have climbed “The 7 Summits” (the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents). She has been internationally recognized for her expeditions in the Himalayas, where she has, among other things, climbed 4 of the world's 8000meters and has been involved in rescue operations on Mt Everest.

She always combines her expeditions with aid work or support to local societies. In that way her performance reaches a greater goal with deeper meaning. She has run projects in Nepal, Afghanistan, Uganda and South Sudan. Vibeke's last accomplishment is now written in to history as she guided the first Afghan woman to the top of Afghanistan's highest mountain Noshaq 7492m. She has been more than 25 years in the Armed Forces, and as a part of the NATO COE winter warfare center, she was the main instructor for the first all-female team to crossed Antarctica in 2018.

”I always use Aclima! The quality is unbeatable. Durability, fit and designe are undoubtedly best on the market, which means best in the world. My activity requires the absolute best of quality and durability, and only Aclima can give me that quality needed. I wear the same wool net and light wool / warm wool throughout an entire expedition ... without changing for 2 months. A summit push can last up to 24 hours with temperatures from +10C to – 40C. It's important to have layers that keeps me warm without having to change during a push like that. And since I am very fond of animals, it is important to me that Aclima puts animal welfare as one of their main pillars. Thank you very much, Aclima!"


Anders Backe from Vikersund, Norway have been in the top of the freeskiing scene with finales and other top results in both X-games, Winter Dew Tour and is described as one of Europe’s best freeskiing athletes. The 1986 model have now switch from the competition scene over to film and photo projects with several ski film appearances. His latest film appearance was as one of the main athletes in the Field Production movies, Supervention 1 and 2.

“As a professional skier I’m out skiing over 200 days a year and there is no doubt that I enjoy it the most when I can be out there pushing my sport and staying warm and comfortable at the same time. I mostly use Aclima’s Lightwool, WoolNet and WarmWool products and they are to be honest – just perfect!”

Erik B. Jørgensen

Erik B. Jørgensen is an adventurer from Fyn in Denmark who lives under the motto "The adventure starts in your own backyard". Through his own expeditions he wants to inspire and motivate others to get out - it's the first step that matters. Erik has paddled Scandinavia around in his kayak, participated in expeditions in Greenland and spent 45 days in the wilderness canoeing with his daughter.

"I've been using Aclima for more than 10 years, and what I particularly like is the quality of the products during my long expeditions. I wear and tear, and what’s important for me is that I can for example paddle for 10-11 hours continuously, through morning cold, morning heat and evening cold, without having the need to change my clothes.

The combination of the different products from Aclima keeps me warm. Both during the summer and wintertime and in both minus and plus degrees. Additionaly, I like the innovation; there are many features with the same product. Simple, ingenious things like reinforcement on the WoolNet shoulders, so that you can carry a heavy backpack without any discomfort.”

Tonje Blomseth

Tonje Blomseth is from the middle of Norway, who actively engages in different types of outdoor activities. Her interest lies in the general outdoor life: everything from the simple pleasure of being outdoors - to a bit more extreme like being on longer expeditions during winter time. She has been traveling Norway lengthwise for six months, four months on skiing in northern Norway and northern Sweden, and she has lived for one year in the wilderness of Canada.

"I use Aclima wool because it has quality and cool design at the same time! It is important for me to use fresh colours and a design that is noticed among the thousands of Norwegians who is out hiking. At the same time, the wool must keep a freezing person like me - warm and comfortable - through long winters in temperatures down to -45 celcius degrees”

Svante Strand

Svante is a qualified engineer, who trained at Trondheim School of Engineering. After studying, he completed his first year of military service in para-ranger training, and the next seven years in the Special Forces Counter-terrorist unit in Norway and abroad. He has also worked as a firefighter and has been an instructor on countless courses in the military and with civilian groups. 

The last 12 years, he has run an events business, and has therefore become a highly skilled organiser and planner. He has led large-scale events for the world's largest ICT company, and logistics and safety are two of the strong skills he takes with him into the world of expeditions. Svante has been guiding on many trips over the past 15 years and his focus is entirely on quality and safety.

Johan Skullman

Survival expert and military officer Johan Skullman describes himself as an outdoorholic. He has worked for thirty years in the Swedish Defence, as an officer in the intelligence department. In the military he received training in different materials, such as textiles and how to dress in different environments. 

He is a bushcraft expert and is also an educated military survival instructor with experience from all corners of the world. Since 2010 Johan Skullman have worked as a product development consultant for Aclima, Fjällräven, Hestra Glove, Morakniv, Primus and Real Turmat.

Eirik Sæterøy

Eirik has grown up a stone's throw from Drammen ski center, so there was never a doubt that it was winter sports he was going to be doing. Throughout childhood, he spent a lot of time in the ski center to the extent that it practically became his back yard. He continued the training by going to NTG at Lillehammer (Norwegian School for elite sports). This was where he really got his eyes up for competition riding and developed good skills over the three years of high school. Later, he continued the venture with world cup contests in the years that followed. Eirik's best merits are: 1st place, Jr NM Slopestyle, Oppdal; 1st place, Jr. NM Big Air, Oppdal; 3rd place, WC Big Air, Milan; 3rd place, WC Big Air, Mönchengladbach; 2nd place, Big Air, X-games Hafjell. 

Anette Dahl

Anette was born and raised on a farm in Vest-Bamble in Telemark. She has been hunting all her life. Today, she has her own farm in Sauherad and work as a teacher. She travels around the world to hunt with her own dog. Anette loves to experience other hunting cultures and to meet animals we do not see in Norway. She has participated in several hunting films and TV programmes.