Aclima WoolNet Hybrid Crew Neck - Woman Jet Black/Olive Night/Beige Melange


The WoolNet Hybrid Crewneck Shirt is a wool netting shirt with a round neck and long sleeves. Extra protection on the elbows for increased wear resistance as well as ribbed fabric over the shoulders for good protection against the carrying straps of the backpack. The jersey has Warmwool fabric in the front knitted in 100% merino wool, and WoolNet wool netting on the arms and back.

Materiale: Interlock 100% wool (Merino), Mesh 80% wool (Merino), 
Mesh 20% polyamide, Rib 96% wool (Merino), Rib 4% elastan

Fibre: 19.5 micron

Fabric Weight: 150 g/m2

Typical activities: The ultimate outdoor product. Perfect for hiking, hunting and longer expeditions.

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