Aclima Lightwool 140 T-shirt LOGO - Man Insignia Blue


Aclima LightWool T-shirt Logo belongs to a slightly thinner series of underställ and clothes designed for the warmer seasons or until training. Insignia Blue is solid blue with a large Aclima logo across the chest.

  • Round neck
  • Thin and lightweight - perfect for training
  • Scratch-free seams
  • Tight Fit
  • Single Jersey knitting, which gives good stretch.

Merino wool is antibacterial - does not smell! Thin merino wool of the highest quality that both warms and cools - perfect body temperature during the warm seasons.

Typical activities: Training and outdoor activities. Works well as an everyday garment.

Material: 100% wool (Merino)

Fabric Weight: 140 g/m2

Fiber: 17.5 micron

Weight: 152 g (M)

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