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Aclima FleeceWool Jacket – The ultimate winter jacket for functionality and comfort

What really sets the Aclima FleeceWool Jacket apart from the crowd is the material it's made from. It consists of an impressive composition of 93% wool, specifically Merino wool, and 7% recycled polyamide which acts as reinforcement. This design choice has several advantages. Firstly, the addition of recycled polyamide makes the jacket more durable, making it resistant to wear and tear and long-term use. At the same time, the jacket retains the unique and soft FleeceWool quality for which Aclima has gained a reputation. This combination of durability and softness gives you a jacket that lasts a long time without compromising on comfort.

Material: 93 % Wool (Merino), 7 % polyamid

Fibre: 19.5 micron

Fabric Weight: 250 g/m2

Typical activities: Everyday usage or for snuggling in front of a campfire.

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