Aclima Femunden Headover - Unisex Dark

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Lars Monsen Headover is a headover in Aclima's own Femunden pattern. It is knitted in Jacquard and sewn with flatlock seams to prevent chafing.

A headover ensures that cold air will not get down the neck and neck opening of the outerwear, it is easier to use than a scarf. The fabric is knitted, which makes it elastic and warm.

Material: 100 % wool (Merino)

Fibre: 19.5 micron

Fabric Weight: 230 g/m2

Weight: 55 g

Typical activities:Alpine skiing, snowboard, paddling, hiking, sailing, climbing and everyday use.

The pattern on the wool garment may at first glance look like a traditional camouflage pattern, but the pattern is actually a map section of the Femundsmarka combined with a compass.

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