Aclima LightWool 140 Briefs - Woman Chocolate Plum

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The LightWool series is the thinnest and finest woolen fabric of Aclima with a fiber thickness of 17.5 microns and a weight of 140 g/sq.m. Light Wool is extremely soft and gentle to the touch. It is made of 100% Total Easy Care (TEC) Merino wool. It retains great thermal insulating qualities even when wet. Merino wool does not absorb unpleasant odors and can be worn for a long time without the need for washing.

Material: 100% Merino wool

Fabric Weight:: 140 gr./sq.m.

Fibre: 17.5 microns

Weight: 63 g

Typical activities: Medium to high intensity outdoor activities in warm to cool weather.

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