Sustainability & Social responsibility

Aclima supports the UN’s ’Global compacts’ 10 basic principles for human rights, workplace safety, environment and corruption.  All our employees have rights according to EU/EOS-regulations.  We have also received awards for our engagement in humanitarian work in the area surrounding our Estonian sister factory. Safety and a fair working environment are important to us; everyone should feel safe at work, no matter where the work place is. We have our own strict ’Code of conduct’ that is signed by all our partners and suppliers, and we oversee all parts of the production. Sustainability and safety are some of our core values, and are implemented in every process from product development to the finished goods. 

For example, in our main office we choose organic lunch when available and have of course chosen to serve exclusively Fairtrade coffee!

We love nature and take responsibility for our production – from fiber to ready garment!



    Our production

Aclima Baltic
Our sewing factory is our own sister company Aclima Baltic, situated in Valga in the south of Estonia.  Support and safety equipment are always available in the factory to avoid accidents. We have a few sub-contractors in the Baltics that all follow the same rules for environmental- and work safety as in our own factory. To work with us they have to sign our Code of conduct. Aclima Baltic uses CAD-programs in production for better use of material and less production waste. Fabric leftovers from cutting are donated to an Estonian company that produces punching bags.  2nd rate garments are never considered a waste, but are sold in our outlet store.  We strive to achieve a Scandinavian management philosophy in our own factory.

Products made in Europe
The yarn in our products is spun in European spinning mills. Skilled partners conduct knitting, dyeing and finishing in the north of Europe, all of whom are regularly controlled to make sure they upkeep our standards. The dyeing and finishing has their own water treatment systems with closed processes, where both water and chemicals are recycled and taken care of in best possible way. These systems are certified according to Reach and Oeko-tex as well as ISO 14001(Environmental management) and SA8000 (Social Accountability). This is done to ensure environmental and work safety, but also continuous improvement.

Our merino wool 
The wool in our products mainly comes from merino sheep in Australia. A small part of the wool also comes from New Zealand, Patagonia and South Africa. Wool is an environmentally friendly fiber. It is renewable, sustainable, and does not have to be washed extensively, unlike for example cotton. 
We exclusively use yarn suppliers who take animal welfare seriously and make sure and follow up that ‘Mulesing’ is never used on animals we buy wool from. All our yarn suppliers have certificates ensuring ‘No mulesing’.

Chemicals - harmful substances
All our products are free from harmful substances, and the chemicals used in dyeing of the fabric is strictly controlled and approved by Oeko-tex 100.



    Our certifications

All our products are Oekotex-certified. 
This means that the garments are free from harmful substances. We make sure that the yarn, dyes and finishing and all parts in the garment are approved according to Oeko-tex 100. We are control the whole production process and we require our partners to have ‘clean’ and sustainable processes. We have two certificates; SE 11-202 and Ö 98-056. The first one is class 1, which is approved for children under the age of 3. The second certificate, class 2 is approved for underwear for adults and children over the age of 3. All our children’s garments are certified according to class 1.



Aclima has the Australian Woolmark
The Woolmark Company is a subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation, a not-for-profit enterprise that conducts research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain for Australian wool on behalf of about 60,000 woolgrowers that help fund the company.



   All Aclima’s product boxes and hangtags are FSC-certified.
   Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) contributes to a more sustainable foresting, a cleaner paper production and conservation of native forests.



           All our office paper is PEFC-certified.
           PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the world’s largest organization for forestry certification. PEFC also control the paper production and have social and environmental policies included
           in their certification.



          Catalogues, order books and marketing brochures are certified by the Nordic eco-label.
          Nordic eco-label control both forestry and paper production. The printing houses have to be certified for the producers to be allowed to use the Nordic eco-label logo on the finished product.
          Nordic eco-label is a well-known environmental certification, and is the most prominent in Scandinavia. The Nordic eco-label has broad application in terms of product categories that can be certified.



  Aclima support the ’Green Dot’
  The Green Dot (German: Der Grüne Punkt) is the license symbol of a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling packaging materials of consumer goods. The logo is trademark protected worldwide.
  Aclima is a member, which means that we are connected to the national recycling program and have paid a license fee for our waste and recycling material, as well as contributing to the work of the Green dot.