Lightwool Hunting Safety Beanie Ranger Green High

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Aclima LightWool is the newest product from Aclima, made from the best Merino wool. For the wool experts, we can tell you that these clothes are made from yarn of 17.5 micron, and it only weighs 140g/m2. This means that LightWool is probably the softest woollen garments you have ever tried. Most people know that wool is the perfect thing to use when it is cold, even when your clothes are wet. But did you know that wool is also cooling on warm days? Wool insulates well against heat from the outside, which gives it a cooling effect in the heat. Best uses: These products are ideal for activities like running, cycling or golf during the summer months, and as soft, warm, every day clothes.

LightWool Hunting Safety Beanie is a thin hat, which is nice and warm despite its thickness. The hat only weighs 35 grams, and comes in sizes that fit most people. Beanie is suitable for high intensity activities like hunting, running, cross-country skiing and cycling. It fits perfectly under a helmet.
The Safety Beanie is perfect for hunting and can be turned between "High Risk Red" top when you need to be seen, og "ranger gren" for when you need to hide in the forest when hunting.

Materials: 140 g Soft Merino Wool.

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