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Aclima WarmWool is the most popular Aclima line, and the line with the largest range. This is the traditional woollen underwear made from Total Easy Care (TEC) - treated Merino wool, which makes it extra soft. The clothes insulate well, even when wet. It is body odour resistant. Aclima WarmWool are the garments for you who like to stay outside, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Best uses:
These products will keep you warm when you are doing downhill skiing, paddling, climbing and other outdoors activities.


Aclima has designed a woollen sweater making it near impossible for the child to lose their hat in nursery or at school. The hoodie is specifically intended for cold days, and is a new development in woollen underwear design. You can choose between a neck warmer, a polo neck or a balaclava to keep the child's head and neck warm. The children can choose whether to protect their wrists by using the thumbholes. The thumbholes are also a huge advantage when putting on outerwear, to prevent the sleeves from gliding up. The children can also keep their hands warm on the pouch on their stomach.

Materialer: 200G Soft Merino Wool.

  • Non-itch wool
  • Rib cuffs and side panels
  • Thumb holes
  • Front pocket
  • 3-in1 hood, choose between balaclava, turtleneck or round neck*

*Round neck not available on sizes 90-120

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