Woolnet Mini Crew Neck CHILDREN Brace Melange Blac

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Aclima WoolNet offer superb moisture transport and cooling during strenuous activities, yet dry quickly and keep you warm when needed. Aclima won the award for WoolNet some years ago and why shouldn`t our children have the same level of comfort and warmth as ourselves? After all they are small these small explorers often use more of their time outdoors and are exposed to cold conditions. The product is made of 100% soft Merinowool in a mesh design.


WoolNet Mini gives the user outstanding comfort in a wide range of weather/temperature conditions and activity levels. It is perfect for small explorers, skiers, happy, warm and playful children. The mesh knitted wool in combination with rib knitted wool for stretch and closer fit without restricting freedom of movement, and the padded shoulders guarantee more comfort when wearing a backpack.

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