Hotwool Long Pants 400 g UNISEX Black

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400 g thick terry wool is for the really cold parts of the year. We recommend these products as reinforcement- or mid-layer clothing during low-level activities. Such activities might include sedentary work outside, ice fishing, snowmobiling, standstill hunting or cheerleading by the ice-hockey rink on cold evenings. The mid-layer should absorb moisture from the woollen underwear underneath, and insulate against the cold from the outside. Most other mid-layer clothes on the market today are made from different types of fleece. Our products have excellent insulating abilities, even in wet condition.

Best uses:
These are Aclima’s warmest products, suitable for outdoors work, expeditions, stand hunting and ice fishing.

Material: 70% soft Merino Wool og 30% Polyamide.

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