Hotwool Jacket Basic 400g UNISEX Jet Black

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400 g thick terry wool is for the really cold parts of the year. We recommend these products as reinforcement- or mid-layer clothing during low-level activities. Such activities might include sedentary work outside, ice fishing, snowmobiling, standstill hunting or cheerleading by the ice-hockey rink on cold evenings. The mid-layer should absorb moisture from the woollen underwear underneath, and insulate against the cold from the outside. Most other mid-layer clothes on the market today are made from different types of fleece. Our products have excellent insulating abilities, even in wet condition.

Best uses:
These are Aclima’s warmest products, suitable for outdoors work, expeditions, stand hunting and ice fishing.

The jacket has two front pockets, thumbholes to ensure insulation around the wrists, and also a flap to prevent the zip from chafing the neck. As it is mainly made from wool it is also naturally flame retardant, and you do not have to worry about sparks from the bonfire searing holes in it.

Material: 70% soft Merino Wool og 30% Polyamide.

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