Warmwool Hoodie w.zip MAN OliveNight/Dill/Marengo

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Aclima WarmWool is the most popular Aclima line, and the line with the largest range. This is the traditional woollen underwear made from Total Easy Care (TEC) - treated Merino wool, which makes it extra soft. The clothes insulate well, even when wet. It is body odour resistant. Aclima WarmWool are the garments for you who like to stay outside, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Best uses:
These products will keep you warm when you are doing downhill skiing, paddling, climbing and other outdoors activities.


This is a v.2 of our Hood Sweater, perfect for those who are engaged in activities where you tend to sweat a lot, like during summit hikes. By placing the zip on the chest, we made it simple for you to easily relieve yourself of excess heat, and closing it again when you are cooled down. The product also has a zip on the pouch for storing things like mobile phones close to the body to prevent the battery from running out too fast.

Materials: 200G Soft Merino Wool. 100% Merino Wool.

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